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First United Methodist Church

Job Description

Position Title: TREASURER


Job Summary: The treasurer, as a member and under the direction of the Finance Committee, is responsible for supervision and control of the general accounting area and financial statement and report preparation.

A church treasurer holds an important and vital position within the church ministry. The church treasurer has the role of maintaining the business integrity of the church body and faithfully stewarding the resources that God has entrusted to the church.


Supervisor: Senior Pastor


Lay Support: Finance Committee chairperson


  • Supervise Financial Secretary and Payroll/Accounts Payable Clerk.

  • Prepare and present monthly Financial reports, Balance Sheet, Income & Expense Report, Cash Flow Projections, Allocation budgets and other analysis as requested.

  • Oversee preparation and filing of Quarterly Employer Tax forms for federal and state agencies.

  • Comply with local, state and federal government reporting requirements and tax filings.

  • Communicate and ensure implementation of state and federal laws and guidelines.

  • Track and manage stock gifts.

  • Maintain Journal Entries and Bank Transfers.

  • Ensure that monthly bank reconciliations are completed.

  • Ensure the monthly credit card account is reconciled with proper documentation.

  • Maintain the Chart of Accounts.

  • Maintain a system of controls over accounting transactions.

  • Complete all year-end reports required by the Book of Discipline and California-Nevada Annual Conference.

  • Monitor appropriate processes for all Income and Receivables.

  • Monitor appropriate documentation and approval processes for reimbursements for staff and congregants.

  • Monitor appropriate documentation and approval processes for Accounts Payable.

  • Coordinate the provision of information to external auditors for the annual financial & Worker’s Comp audits.

  • Coordinate with the Stewardship Committee and Financial Secretary for the Quarterly Contribution Statements.

  • In cooperation with the Finance Committee, develop the process for the annual budget development.

  • In cooperation with the Preschool Board of Directors and Preschool Director, assist with the process for the annual preschool budget development.

  • Coordinate all financial and fundraising policies and procedures with the Finance Committee.

  • Attend weekly administrative staff meetings.



10-15 hours per week, Monday through Thursday


Job Type | Rate of Pay:

Part Time, Non-Exempt Employee | $20 per hour


  • Send resume, including education and experience to:

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