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Rev. Debra Brady returned as our pastor on July 1, 2021, after serving as pastor at FUMC from 2002-2013. She first came to us after serving as an Associate Pastor at San Ramon Valley UMC in Alamo, California. After leaving First United Methodist Church Modesto in 2013, Rev. Brady took a well-deserved sabbatical year. In July 2014, she was appointed to serve as the District Superintendent for the Central Valley District. She served seven years as a member of the Bishop’s Cabinet, including four years as the Dean of Cabinet.

Rev. Debra brings to her ministry a soulful love of Christ Jesus and his Church, justice, and the full inclusion of all God’s children in the abundance of the world that God has given us for the benefit of all. She is a seasoned preacher and teacher who relishes connecting head and heart. As an exceptional leader, she seeks to encourage and build the gifts that others offer.


Rev. Brady came into ordained ministry after a distinguished career in the corporate world with Pacific Bell and brings solid administrative skills perfected in the corporate world and adapted wisely for the work of the Church. Pastor Debra believes spiritual formation and discipleship most often occur through regular participation in small groups.


Rev. Debra and her husband, Steve Veglia, are longtime proud members of the Modesto community. She is a Senior Fellow with the American Leadership Forum. She enjoys music, movies, fitness, and reading in her spare time.

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