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First United Methodist Church

Job Description



JOB SUMMARY: The Executive Administrator is responsible for overseeing the operation and maintenance of the church’s buildings and grounds and ensures that the church runs smoothly, providing support that allows the pastor and other senior staff to attend to other responsibilities. 


SUPERVISOR: Senior Pastor





  • Manage Facilities Care staff and Janitorial Service.

  • Manage scheduling of all facility use and room set-up.

  • Manage scheduling of weddings and memorial service arrangements.

  • Coordinate all building use rentals with the Board of Trustees.

  • Coordinate room lay-outs and technology use at meetings or events.

  • Maintain the master church calendar of events and internal Facilities calendar.

  • Ensure calendar events are communicated through established communication channels.

  • Follow guidelines established in the Building Use Policy.

  • Coordinate the repair and maintenance of the faculties and grounds, working with the Board of Trustees.

  • Implement building projects, coordinating vendor and supplier relationship.

  • Log and track all employee time-off reports for Pastor, HR Consultant and SPRC.

  • Facilitate Health & Pension plans to all eligible employees.

  • Track and store all IT information.

  • Advise staff and leadership for future IT purchases and current recommended maintenance.

  • Monitor and maintain technology for maximum access.

  • Attend weekly administrative staff meetings.



16 hours per week, Monday through Thursday, 9am-1pm, plus special event hours as needed.


Job Type | Rate of Pay:

Part Time, Non-Exempt Employee | $15 per hour


  • Send resume, including education and experience to:

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